DIscovery Groups

If you're wanting to feel connected to Community & grow in God's Word, Discovery's Small Groups are where you want be to be. Email us at with any questions or sign up for any group via our APP, 

Discovery Church Elgin. 

  • Prayer Group-First Saturday of every month at Discovery at 10 am. "Grow in Faith Through Prayer." Led by Pastor Art + Mary Marroquin.
  • Couples Group-Sacred Marriage-Wednesdays at 7p at DC. Led by Chris + Cheyenne Meyer
  • Mens + Womens Group-Wednesdays at 7p. Led by Laura Alarcon
  • 4:12 Youth (Jr + Sr High)-Abraham, Isaac + Jacob: Part 2-Betrayal Wednesdays at 7p at DC. Led by Beth + Glen Dettman